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Water Balloon Launchers

There are innumerable ways invented in order to ensure fun and entertainment especially when the most-awaited season, summer, is finally here! Water balloon launchers are practically on top of the list when it comes to endless fun and enjoyment under the sun.

Do you plan of going out to the beach and have some unforgettable fun with your family and friends? Beach parties and get-away are never complete without the games and activities such as water fights with the use of various water balloon launchers in different features. There are single launchers while other products include features that require three persons to use and maneuver for group fun and treat! This is the perfect product for all age brackets to make your summer adventures, beach outings and even camping activities the best ever.

There is a wide array of launcher products available in the market today which showcase innovative and varying features for an ultimate water fun anywhere you may be.

200 Yard Water Balloon Launcher

This patented water balloon launcher showcases outstanding features such as its heavy duty canvas pouch, rip-proof and durable vinyl grips, surgical tubing and a hundred percent guarantee of fun. Use this product with three-person method, perfect for battles and beach fun and activities.

Original Sling King

This product is tagged as the greatest water catapult in the world with its outstanding features and promise of nothing less than the best and fun-filled water fight activities. This one-person unit is ranges up to 100 full yards with its ready-to-use kit for instant fun. It features patented balloon filling system and 100% biodegradable balloons for safe and hazard-free use.

Water Sports 80083 Marine

This product is perfect for kids aged five year old and up and is a three-person unit for group fun and entertainment. It is the best launching system inclusive of the launcher, 72 pieces biodegradable water balloons and the balloon filling nozzles for easy and instant fun.

Paladone Catapult

Strategy is the name of the game when it comes to water battles and one surefire way of ensuring your victory is through using the most effective water balloon launcher with this product. This winning catapult is the best way to increase your chances of drenching your opponents and winning the battle. The product hooks to your feet and you can launch it the old-fashioned way. Inclusive of this kit is the 75 piece water balloons for extra and longer fun.


Instant fun is all you have with the no-assembly required water balloon slingshot featuring 72 balloons made of biodegradable materials, balloon fill-nozzle, one target and one durable and powerful aqua slingshot. Launch your aqua weapons up to 100 yards for ultimate fun showdown. Water battles and summer fun and activities are just at the tip of your fingers with the balloon launcher.

With its wide array of products and amazing features, this is truly the best and surefire way of launching fun and excitement like no other! For more info about water balloon launcher visit http://waterballoonlauncher.org/.

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