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It’s a good choice to mix with anti-freeze for automobile engines, because the lack of mineral content prevents corrosion. It’s also recommended for use in humidifiers to extend the life of the appliances.

But, how pure is distilled water for drinking. Health experts don’t always agree. Here are some of the medical professional’s points of view. The Journal of General Internal Medicine studied the mineral content of different waters in North America and concluded that it was significant enough to provide a portion of the recommended dietary intake of calcium, magnesium and sodium.

The American Journal of Epidemiology reported that drinking water with some minerals is a beneficial choice for preventing heart disease. With a submicron filtration step, it will remove parasitic cysts that can cause illness or death.

With an ion exchange step, they remove the toxic metal lead and copper ions. Those metallic ions are exchanged for mineral ions; sodium and potassium. The multistage systems are available for a reasonable price and the only maintenance required is a cartridge change every three to six months.

To sum up the answer to– how pure is distilled water for drinking purposes– it may be a little too pure or not pure enough, depending on how you look at it.

There is quite a bit of controversy out there about what kind of water to drink these days should it be from the tap, should it be distilled, should it be reverse osmosis, or and ionizer machine. According to many authorities, the ideal water for human consumption should be slightly alkaline. Some believe that 9.0 to 9.5 is superb. There is a great deal of information in there about why you should be using a water ionizer as a medical tool for longevity and detoxification on the internet.

Don’t be like an ostrich with his head stuck in the sand, there’s too much information out there for you to glean, to make an intelligent decision for yourself and your family. If I lived in an area that had questionable water I would determine the levels of toxicity it contained,and then make a decision to install the best water filtration system that I could afford. Delivering bottled water is a banal thing but is actually essential in many business offices and establishments primarily because human beings can’t stand a day without drinking water. Offices do have dispensers, coffee makers, and food courts wherein potable water is a major necessity. For this reason, many companies contract water suppliers to deliver water on a regular basis.

You may be inclined to buying it from big water suppliers but the big suppliers aren’t always the best when it comes to delivery. Small local pure water suppliers may just do the job as good as large suppliers, if not better.

Distilled water suppliers are expected to employ the best people in the business. The production of potable liquid heavily relies on the personnel handling the production process starting from treatment to delivery. Their hygiene and grooming are important. Anyway, consumers would rather buy bottled distilled water than buy distillers because the first choice is more convenient. The only important thing is you should look for a trusted pure distilled water supplier with reliable delivery scheme.

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